Organization on Microbial Sciences:Promoting the Quality of Microbiology was formed by an Incorporated Trustee in perpetuity. The purposes to be promoted are the quality, knowledge and standard of microbial sciences therefore are exclusively charitable and educational. In furtherance of such purposes and no other purposes, including specifically: the reinvention of the quality of microbiology, improvement of knowledge of microbial sciences and related subjects. The promotion of scientific investigations.

OMS:PQM operates as a nonprofit corporation under Section C of CAMA 1990. The internal affairs are regulated by a Board of Directors overseeing the scientific and educational activities. the principal office of the corporation is located in Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria, however it performs its operations throughout the world.

The Impact of microbial life is boundless and thus its exploration

Our Mission

Promoting the knowledge, standard and quality of Microbiology is the core of our purpose.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the knowledge, quality and standard of microbial scientists.

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