COVID 19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Virus. The virus is known to have created a pandemic that has affected the world on a global scale. The reasons for its high infectious rate and its debilitating effects are well documented by several studies.

As a prevention for the future, the seeker of this challenge is looking for innovative ideas, well documented and detailed follow up about the virus, its pathology, prevention and treatment and implications for future pandemics.


  • Answers must be submitted in word document (pdf, doc, docx) containing explanations of the virus, its pathology, treatment, prevention and implications for future pandemics (No more than 10 pages, excluding Cover page, Abstract, and References)

  • The Content of the work must be ORIGINAL and free of plagiarism.

  • Accuracy, precision and attention to details is highly required.

  • Participants MUST be undergraduate students at the time of entry into the challenge

  • Submissions MUST include a scanned copy of Student Identity (ID) card, Admissions letter issue by the school or any other document associated with the participants institution.

  • Participants MUST be PAID subscribers of OMS

  • Deadline for submission SUNDAY July 4/2021


  • The BEST submission will be awarded a 100,000 naira price
  • The BEST submission will be published in Tower of Micro (TOM)