A Generous AlpVision

Following increase in demand for COVID-19 medications, counterfeiting creeps right behind. AlpVision has taken the initiative to provide Pharmaceutical manufacturers with free access to their unique tool the cryptoglyph to help improve medicine packaging for COVID-19

AlpVision launched the “AlpVision COVID-19 Initiative” which is geared towards assisting pharmaceutical manufacturers in the protection of their medicines against counterfeiting. This is because the effect of the pandemic is diverse enough to affect the economy. The Cryptoglyph is to be used on the packaging of COVID-19 related medicines such as drugs and vaccines. In this way Pharmaceutical manufacturers can protect COVID-19 related medicines against counterfeiting.

This new Initiative by AlpVision includes granting free access to both pharma companies and their suppliers to enable them use the cryptoglyphic on their packaging. The tool is a digital security feature and can be implemented and deployed in due time. The cryptoglyph is a microscopic feature only detectable by a smartphone during authentication of the product protected by it. The process of authentication is achieved and completed when the smartphone connects to the Brand Monitoring System (BMS) which is provided by AlpVision. The BMS is a centralized server platform through which pharmaceutical companies are able to monitor in real-time the authentication of products.

The Security provided by the Cryptoglyph is top of the line and the process is simple as changes to the standard production process or alteration in formulations is not required.

The AlpVision initiative has been in effect since November 13 2020 enabling participating companies to provide COVID-19 related medications with the required protection at no cost. The initiative is intended to last until the end of the pandemic.

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