Breast Cancer Demystified.As Breast Cancer Awareness Month Comes to an end a few points to note.

You might wonder why the word "cancer" creates fear and panic. Just like every other chronic disease, cancer is one of the high accelerating diseases in the world.

What is cancer? Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells. When a particular cell in the body begins to proliferate out of control, there is a high risk that it's a cancer cell, which later forms a tumor, which is a mass comprised of a cluster of abnormal cells.

There are several types of cancer, with increasing rate of new cases yearly. Breast cancer is known to have the highest estimated new cases, and it is also the leading cause of death in women.

The question that comes to mind, what is responsible for the cell abnormality? Lots of factors as been traced to the leading cause of breast cancer, ranging from genetic factors, environmental factors such as pollution, pathogenic factors, from bacterial and viral infection and lifestyle such as diet, etc. The causes of breast cancer vary from one individual to another.

Despite the various identified causes, awareness and early detection are key. The earlier an ailment is been detected and addressed the higher the chance of survival and improved quality of life.

We must note that:

Breast cancer is not a death sentence, neither is it contagious, but it requires medical care.

Self-examination is very important, in case of any symptoms or signs, get tested as soon as possible.

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