Fat Cells assist in the Fight Against Infections

A new study has shown the capability of Fat cells in the fight against infections an effort that assists the body’s immune cells.

Former conception was that these fatty molecules were source of nutrients to the bacteria, contradicting discovery shows that these fatty molecules are actively fighting pathogens that attack our cells. It was further stated that fats act as packaging structures for toxic proteins produced by cells of the body, these in turn act on pathogens.

This new protective mechanism is a covert approach adopted by cells for fighting infections. This also provides a defensive front in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. Studies show that following infection of Macrophages a group of white blood cells, lipid droplets move to the part of the macrophage where the bacteria are present, consequently changing the energy consumption rate of white blood cells.

These liquid droplets of fat, thought to be useful as energy stores, newer development shows that they are metabolic switches in the cell and defend against infections. More and more researchers are now reviewing and looking into these new discovery.

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