Microbial Contamination of Surfaces

Whats Lurking on that Surface?

Microorganisms are ubiquitous, abundant in every location and every surface; human skin, phone screen, keypads of various devices and in the air around us. The means by which they get to these surfaces is not far-fetched as human contamination is the most probable.

For instance, when we cough, we release microorganisms in form of droplets into the environment making it possible for Microorganisms to spread and contaminate the air around us, these droplets fall unto surfaces and contaminate them. When we touch surfaces after coughing or wiping our nose, we contaminate them with droplets. These droplet particles are picked up by other individuals who unknowingly smear them across their face.

Microorganisms can survive on surfaces for days if they are not wiped away by cleaning agents or the conditions are favorable. This is because they possess features that attach them to these surfaces and encourages their growth and survival.

A hospital is one of such successful locations where organisms inhabit surfaces permanently due to the presence of infectious patients. Other public places where people frequently make contact, religious places, commercial centers and social and civic arenas.

It is important to be aware of the rate of contamination in these places therefore as a precaution, wash and sanitize your hands as soon as you get back home and before eating. If you are sick wear a face mask when going to public places to prevent the spread of infections. Stay at home if possible and avoid public gatherings.

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