Prediction, Prevention and Personalized Healthcare; Impacting Healthcare Through Genomics

How Genomics Can Advance Healthcare

Harnessing the potentials of advanced genome sequencing is a novel strategy in healthcare and would be meaningful to both research and clinical.

Genome sequencing provides the benefits of predictive, preventive and personalized care in healthcare.

A look into these features reveal that diagnosis and personalized medicine will make identification of rare genetic diseases, cancer, infectious diseases and the possibility of customized personal treatments more achievable. Prevention on the basis of predictive medicine for risk of chronic diseases and identification of at risk populations will be made possible this would ensure early intervention to prevent further exacerbation or development of disease. Research would enable sharing of ideas between researchers to improve on findings that are beneficial to patients.

Genomics provides a tremendous opportunity to improve on the future of healthcare as it offers the best options in predictive, preventive and personalized healthcare. Genomics presents an opportunity to understudy the backgrounds of patients and to understand the possible variations in genetic makeup of individuals that could possibly lead to predisposition and severe reactions to disease. Information provided will enable rapid development of drugs for treatment.

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