Probiotics: A Probable Replacement for Antibiotics in Animal Healthcare System.

Phytochemicals and probiotics are becoming an eligible replacement for antibiotics in the healthcare of animals.

Antibiotic use in animal husbandry and poultry is of concern therefore concerned individuals have initiated campaigns to prevent their use on animals. Although regulations in several countries have banned the use of antibiotics as promoters of growth, this has resulted in the use of alternative medicine as a successful replacement.

A good measure of effort has been put into studies, to investigate the resourcefulness of Alternative medicine in the control of animal infectious diseases as well as their inclusion in the formulation of feeds.

Research has shown that probiotics are a worthy alternative to antibiotics they clear away pathogenic microorganisms and improve the immune system quality of Animals. Trans-cinnamaldehyde, thymol, oregano among others are the major phytochemicals in use.

Research is on the way to demonstrate the effectiveness of presentation and route of delivery in clearing away pathogens such as Salmonella cholerasuis and Campylobacter jejuni. likewise the inclusion of plant products in feed formulation.

This is a turn towards a positive direction, a course of action that would impact favorably on Antimicrobial misuse and abuse and reduce further development of Antimicrobial resistance.

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